Pour Parenting or Strong Willed?

It there even a difference? I would like to think so. I hope so… I really hope so.

You see, my boys were/are the most well behaved kids in public. Seriously, they don’t act up, they are well mannered and always have been. If they are in a pissy mood they don’t show it when we are out. At least not where they are disruptive. My daughter or the other hand. OMG! She is the worst in public! And I say that in the most loving way. Kind of. She is a nightmare no matter where we got, the grocery store, a restaurant, the car. I don’t know what it is. I know she hates being confined and wants to run free, but, so did my boys and they knew that there was a time and place to be free and a time and place to behave themselves. 

I know she is only 19 months and that I shouldn’t stress over it, but I feel major guilt! You’re pry thinking “guilt? Why would you feel that?” I’ll tell you why.

I judge other moms. Terrible right? At least I use to. When their kids were misbehaving and my children were being angels I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t get them under control and why she allowed that behavior in public. My kids would never act that way, I’d think to myself. That is until I had my daughter…

My daughter is a different breed. She was cut from the same cloth but she is a free spirt and very strong-willed. I love those characteristics about her, most of the time. When we are in public im mortified by her behavior. She cant sit still, she screams when I wont let her walk around, and tries to climb out of the cart or highchair, and usually succeeds. (they need to make the straps adjust tighter!!) 

We use to go out to eat with my grandma every other weekend, now we order in. Yes, it is THAT bad. Please don’t get me wrong she is a sweet angel and definitely my pint size mini. I know that her characteristic will do her well when she is older. Its getting there that may kill me!

She knows what she wants when she wants it, she tells you like it is at 19 months, and she can hold her own against her brothers. 

I apologize to all of the moms that I have judged prior to having my own Strong-willed child. Truly, I am sorry. Sure, some of the kids pry did need discipline, but I guarantee there were a few out there that are in the same boat as me. 

My daughter is disciplined no differently than her brothers were at her age, but they are completely different individuals. I just haven’t figured out how to get through to my daughter yet.

Everyone says that she is her mothers daughter and that she has those characteristics because I have them. I love that she is so much like me, but terrified at the same time. I don’t want to kill her spirit, or ruin her by disciplining her in a way that worked for her brothers, but wont work for her. 

I guess until then, I will be using Instacart, ordering in, and only taking short emergency trips to the store.

My daughter only somewhat runs this house…. 



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